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The Historic

A Motorcycle Charity Event
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Our Work...

The members of the Norwalk Motorcycle Club have spent many years building the Yuma Prison Run into one of the best events in the west!  We strive to create a special run for all ages and all clubs to come together to have a fun filled weekend and raise funds to help children in need.


Yuma Prison Run

Norwalk Centaurs presents the

56th Annual Yuma Prison Run

April 21-23 2017
Yuma County Fairgrounds
2520 E. 32nd St.
Yuma, AZ

We apologize, but our website is under construction, we will have more run info all contact info as well as pre reg forms soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Steven Taylor
Norwalk Centaurs V.P.


Norwalk Motorcycle Club

We are a small family oriented A.M.A. Motorcycle club established in 1954 who raise money for children in need.


The purpose of this organization is for the enjoyment of motorcycle ridng. That, and that alone is our goal.

Therefore, it is the duty of each member to do everything in his or her power to further this cause and to resist all efforts of any who would destroy what we as a club have tried to create.

Let us become as brothers through our one mutual interest -- motorcycling-- accepting each other regardles of race, creed, religion, make of machine we ride and allow for mistakes and faults that we, as human beings, are all possessed with.

Through our constant efforts let us create one of the finest motorcycle organizations ever organized. A club that will improve the reputation of all motorcyclists and a club that each and every member will take pride in being a part of.

Organized and chartered

in November, 1953.


If you would like to be a part of this historic club, please contact us...

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